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Garbage Can Be Beautiful!

The new San Francisco Solid Waste Processing Center is the first regional system for disposal and recycling of solid waste matter. This is a good example of cooperation between private enterprise and local government. Totally financed by private enterprise, the $3 million processing center provides a flexibility to accommodate future new developments and innovations in solid waste management.

The completely enclosed center handles 1600_ truckloads a day. A $6,000 sprinkler system was installed to keep down the dust. Ferrous metals are separated out at a rate of 75 tons a day and taken to Elly By Products in San Jose to be recycled for scrap. Glass is sold at $20 a ton. Profits from paper sales are distributed among the drivers.

The 544 acre Mountain View landfill is 15 feet below sea level, and is diked and monitored for seepage. Within the next 5 years a recreational park is planned to feature a golf course, picnic areas, tennis courts, swimming pools and boat marina.

Workers salaries range from $13,000 to $16,000. In 58 years of service there has never been a strike by the refuse collectors due to a prohibitive clause in their contract which they are now trying to have changed. The company has 177,000 separate accounts at $2.80 a month for backyard pick-up.

Harriet Kaye

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