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Be a Poll Watcher
League of WoMen Voters--
Calendar 1974-75
I Know There Are Leaguers... (Luci Wilson Benson)
Garbage Can Be Beautiful! (Harriet Kaye)
BART Tour (Melvia Kawashima)
See How They Run
State Consensus on Corporate and Union Giving
State Ethics Commission Adopts Campaign Practices Guidelines
Survey of State Campaign Practices Legislation
Public Funding... Yes!!
Petition Drive
Vote Power: How to Work for the Person You Want Elected
On State Board 1974-75
Coming Soon - Watch for Fall Premier! "Parent Power"
National Land Use: January 31, 1975 Consensus

Calendar 1974-75

Sept. 19, 20, 1974 State Board Meeting

October 10, 1974 Primary Election

November 5, 1974 General Election

Nov./Dec., 1974 Lobby workshop; Legislators' Interviews

January-April 1975 Legislative Session

December 1974 First call State Convention

March 1975 Last call State Convention

April 1975 Local Leagues Annual Meetings State Convention - Honolulu

May 1975 LWVUS Council, Washington, D.C.

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