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Environmental News (Jackie Parnell)
Hawaii's Land Use Boundary Review
Which Is What? Environmental Council / Quality Commission
What's an EIS?
How's the Quality of Your Air?
Hawaii Receives Coastal Zone Planning Funds
Do You Need a Water Permit ? !!! ###
FRESH - Facilities Requirements Evaluation, State of Hawaii
What Is the League Doing?
Kauai LWV Take a Bow

Which Is What? Environmental Council / Environmental Quality Commission

The15 member Environmental Council was created by the State Legislature in 1970 - the same act that created the office of Environmental Quality Control- both to advise the Gov. on environmental policy matters.

Mainly, the Council has sought to find solutions to the lower range question of what kind of Hawaii do people want to preserve/create for the future. The outcome of discussion with many civic and community and professional groups ( including LWV) was a recommendation to create a temporary commission of State, County and private representatives to work on this problem together. This became the Temporary Commission on Environmental Planning. Its report was published in Nov. '73, recommending environmental policy guidelines for the State and a law requiring environmental impact statements for certain projects. Both of these measures were enacted by the '74 Legislature along with resolutions requesting the Gov's office to study and recommend criteria for the State's environmental carrying capacity -- the limits of growth in terms of water supply, air pollution, space, transportation, stability, social breakdown. The Council is also required to make a report on the progress of all State, County, and Federal agencies operating in Hawaii implementing the State's environmental policies.

The 10 member Environmental Quality Commission was appointed in August '74. It will make, amend and repeal rules and regulations governing the requirement for environmental impact statements. State law requires that there must be public hearings

In each county on these rules and regulations before they are adopted. These hearings may take place as early as October, or November '74.

Environmental impact statements will be required for significant action:

  1. Using State or Ceunty lands or funds.

  2. On Conservation district lands.

  3. Within shoreline areas.

  4. Within any historic site on National or Hawaii Register.

  5. Within Waikiki - Diamond Head area on 0hau4

  6. Proposing amendments to the county general plan other than change to agriculture, conservation or preservation.

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