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Over the past few months, we have been "casually" discussing our local involvement in the Equal Rights Movement which we support across the nation, The State Board is proud to have Honolulu Leaguer Norma Titcomb serving on the State Status of Women Commission's Task Force on Sex Bias in Education.

Lucy Wilson Benson, our National President, made it clear on Barbara Walter's Today Show. Oct '73 that the law does not interfere with ongoing marriages; does give equal benefits in divorces; does afford equal opportunity in education especially in Volunteer Armed Forces one State Universities receiving federal funds and generally put down myths and scare tactics used by Phyllis Shefly, anti-ERA spokesperson.

In addressing Montana LWV, Mrs. Benson declared, "Who in the 1970's could make a strong case against Equality! Equity is crucial to our society which has evolved by preserving and strengthening individual rights as we strive to improve the general

Mary Gorchros, Honolulu Social Worker, addressed the Ladies Auxiliary of the Honolulu County Medical Society last Sept on the Equal Rights issue. Being a minority with limited options is probably easier than a minority in transition, with more options or choices available. Demands for the betterment of each individual, male or female must be fought for and met,

The Equal Rights Revolution....... and it is a revolution manifested in blatant examples and gray implications is demanding the individual's dignity and right to be a person of her own expression, intelligence and talent. The equal pursuit of careers means sharing of domestic realities, day care legislation, flexibility of work schedules and constant education of employers that sex discrimination is illegal!

Hawaii League Notes:

Our statewide membership is made up primarily of housewives, teachers, administrators, clerical and research staffers.... but totally we are committed to this "ERA", Our League purpose, public participation and education in government, has slowly melted away the female feather-brain image and as individuals we have much to offer and it happens that we are women!

National Convention this May 6th through 10th in San Francisco will again be taking up the male voting membership issue. Some State Leagues have criticized our restriction as contradictory to the ERA. Now is the time to take a good look at purpose and how it best be accomplished in relation to our ERA position and "traditions". League of American Voters anyone??

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