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From the President

Hawaiian Leaguers move ahead each day with more confidence and expertise. Peggy Chun, Schools Chairman, is excited about cable TV's first "live phone-in". Look for more!

Learn to Lobby is building steam and is the exact kind of community service and public relations we should promote.

Hawaii county will hold an Action workshop with community leaders and Kauai will publish the "Know Your County" study (right?).

Honolulu and State will cosponsor a fundraising event this winter.

Now, where does all this energy, planning and administrating come from? Volunteerism! Volunteers have never been better-educated, more dedicated or as reliable as those at work today. Volunteers are in short supply.

League work is mind-expanding, socially rewarding and politically productive. Under closer scrutiny League volunteers have a right to expect a job definition and the necessary training. The chance to evaluate and change positions from time to time must also be available.

The challenge to League lies in its ability to be responsive to its members as well as to provide EVERYONE with the opportunity to contribute to the community. To do our job, LWV must make the government respond.

Melvia Kawashima

President: Melvia Kawashima
Editor: Marilee Hoskins
Typist: Helen Tamashiro
Volume 10 No. 6 October 1973

Classified Ads

Wanted: Interested Leaguers to observe Education, Finance, and

Judiciary committees for the '74 legislative session.

Call Carol Dodd

Legislative Chairman

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