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From the President (Melvia Kawashima)
Epitome of a Leaguer...
State Convention Highlights!
Speakers' Bureau (Rhoda Miller)
Pollution Control Costs Debated
Effective Planning and Action
Going to Court in the Public Interest
73 Council (Melvia Kawashima)
Budget - 1973-74
ERA - What it Means to You
Flowers to 1971-73 State Board
Trade Action - Trade Alert!
Overseas Education Fund
Land Use Notes
Alert for August

Flowers to 1971-73 State Board

Carol Whitesell did a tremendous job with land use and needs our support at the local level. Let's see more EQ community service; Edie Idler and Judy Blatchford pioneered "Waste Watchers". Fran McLeod's diligent Schools committee continues to illuminate a "Shadow Show" of DOE problems, under the guidance of Peggy Chun. The Housing Coalition is communicating with the public and legislators. Vangie Lamberts taught us Action with a capital "A". Trudi Zelke paved the way financially for Voter Guides and Sara Thompson contributed her time to Leo Hana thus bringing Hawaii County and State Board closer together.

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