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Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors
Proposed Bylaw Amendments
Proposed Budget
Convention - LWV Hawaii
Hawaii Wallet - A Study of State Gov't Finances
Proposed Program
Failure on Housing (Vangie Lamberts)
Power of the Purse
Testimony Plugs for a Realistic Budget (Frances McLeod)
Legislative Auditor's Report (Frances McLeod)
Ethics (Sharon Yokote)
Campaign Finances (Sharon Yokote)
In the Beginning... (Marilee Hoskins)
League Makes Land Use Debut

Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors


for 2-year terms, 1973-75

(3 additional directors to be appointed by the elected State Board)

President Melvia Kawashima (Honolulu)

Vice president Carol Whitesell (Windward)

Secretary-Treasurer Althea McCleery (Kauai)

Director Rhoda Lewis (Honolulu)

Director Rhoda (Windward)

Director Pat Shutt (Windward)

Nominating Committee: Dorothy Bremner, chrm. (Windward); Gretel McLane (Hono.);

Lucille Rogers (Honolulu); 2 to be 'appointed from Board

Submitted by 1971-73 Nominating Committee

Ruth Snyder, Chairman

Frances Mcleod

Evelyn Oishi Lila Grossman

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