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Failure on Housing

The 7th Hawaii State Legislature adjourned with a record on housing legislation amounting to zero. A large number of bills relating to housing were introduced but not one of them survived.

The 7th Legislature report card on housing contains:

F for failure to pass various bills which would "beef up" Act 105. Some of these bills passed one house of the Legislature and then died in the other.

F for failure to produce an Urban Development Corporation Act. Bills were introduced in both House and Senate by majority Democrats, dissident Democrats and by Republicans. A workable bill passed by the Senate and then died in House Finance Committee.

F for failure to produce a viable rent control bill. HB 91 was sandbagged be-, fore it left the Housing Committee and was buried ignominiously in the Senate.

F for failure to pass legislation to control rampant speculation in the housing market. Deterrents to inflation and speculation practices, relocation housing alternatives for those displaced by private as well as public redevelopment, and conditional land use approvals were all noble causes that never had a chance.

All these relegated to cold storage "until next year." Unfortunately, people's housing problems will not go into cold storage until a more convenient time.

Vangie Lamberts
Housing Chairman

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