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Failure on Housing (Vangie Lamberts)
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In the Beginning... (Marilee Hoskins)
League Makes Land Use Debut

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

One proposed amendment would allow the State Board to be expanded from 9 members to 11 members, if necessary. It provides for 4 elected directors and 4 appointed directors. The present number is 3 elected, 3 appointed.

The second proposed amendment comes in a package to change Conventions to biennial meetings, to have Council in interim years. the purpose is to save the money at Council time to be used for a special project for Leaguers, such as workshops to coincide with Council, fall workshop, legislative day, or something also. For example, we could have: a Council in spring,. 1974 (2 delegates each iron outside islands); a fall workshop in fall, 1974 (2-3 delegates each from outside islands, depending on their membership as of Jan. 1, 1974)

The plan offers flexibility in programming and brings local Leagues together oftener. It has the possible disadvantage of fewer numbers at Council and at the special project than at Convention.

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