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Thoughts on Recycling... Design for Durability and Repairability
Program Making
Dollars and Sense: Who's on Welfare? We all are!
Have an hour you don't know what to do with?
Land Use Consensus Questions
Attitudes toward Property Rights (Carol Whitesell)
Constitutional Amendments
Voter Service
Suggestions for State Board Nominations
Solid Waste Consensus Questions

Have an hour you don't know what to do with?

A Leeward Community College instructor asked the League for a list of projects that her students might choose to do. The students can put in 2-6 hours a week. It seemed only fair to let League members know the variety of interesting things they could do if they wanted to give the League a couple hours a week.

October - Distribute Voter Guides - Action campaign on referendum issues - Voters Service work

Oct. thru January - People's Conference on Housing (scheduled for Sat. in Jan. involves:
--arrangements legwork
--contact participants (e.g. community groups, neighborhoods
--develop workshop and program

Dec. deadline - Solid Waste - research paper on the state's handling of solid waste

Jan. deadline - Plan, create Ala Moana exhibit on recycling

March deadline - Reapportionment committee for legislature starts work. Develop a reapportionment plan.

April deadline - Public School curriculum - research.

Weekly - Observe one of several government agencies and significant public hearings -- Attend meetings and write a report that goes beyond what the newspapers bring out.

Weekly - Man the LWV office - answer the phone - answer the public's questions - do clerical work

just starting - Organize the State government into a manageable form, so Kimo Citizen can understand it. Committee plans to publish a booklet for use in the schools.

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