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Thoughts on Recycling... Design for Durability and Repairability
Program Making
Dollars and Sense: Who's on Welfare? We all are!
Have an hour you don't know what to do with?
Land Use Consensus Questions
Attitudes toward Property Rights (Carol Whitesell)
Constitutional Amendments
Voter Service
Suggestions for State Board Nominations
Solid Waste Consensus Questions

Dollars and Sense:
Who's on Welfare? We all are!

If it's business, we call it defense contracts or small business loans. Universities call it research grants. Farmers call it subsidies. For people over 65 we call it Medicare. Oil companies call it depletion allowance. Ranchers call it price supports. Home owners call it mortgage exemptions and FHA loans. BUT IF IT'S THE POOR, WE CALL IT "WELFARE"

From Committee Guide, LWV of Idaho

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