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Constitutional Amendments

The following brief description of each amendment is from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Proposal One

Shall voters amend the State Constitution to guarantee that the State shall not deny or abridge rights under the law on account of sex?

The League urges a YES vote. Note: This would make equal rights effective immediately in Hawaii, no waiting for ratification of the Federal constitutional amendment by 3/4 of the other states.

Proposal Two

Shall voters amend the State Constitution to clarify that in regular session in an even-numbered year there will be one supplemental appro¬priations bill?

The League has no stand on this. It is a grammatical change to correct misleading wording.

Proposal Three

Shall voters amend the State Constitution to change the age qualification for voting from twenty years of age to eighteen to conform to the provi¬sions of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

The League urges a YES vote.

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