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Legislative Log: Campaign Finances, Land Use


The League of Women Voters of Hawaii position: Contributions as well as expenditures should be covered by the law. Disclosure should be made before elections, with

a cut-off date for receipt of contributions before the election. The law should define contributions. (t1. B. 1970 legislature required reporting of contributions over :)499, single or aggregate, after the election.)

(Consensus reached Feb. 1969)

The Hawaii State LWV would support the state's free distribution to voters of bipartisan pamphlets on candidates and ballot issues ii feasible.

(Consensus reached Jan. 1972)

CAMPAIGN FINANCES ... Coming up in 1972 session:

H.B. #251, H.D. 1 passed the House in 1971. It has been sent to the senate. However, the bill is considered 'Idea& by legislative leaders for political, rather than substantive, reasons. The bill would require:

  1. filing of a preliminary report on monies spent, name of contributors, and balance (or deficit) an hand -- 10 days BEFORE election with final report 30 days after. Report to be public and certified as to correctness.

  2. testimonial dinners be held in calendar year of campaign and sets up reporting for such affairs.

  3. monies contributed for campaign be spent only by candidate it was given to (not in behalf of another candidate).

  4. penalties for non-compliance with the law.

CAMPAIGN FINANCES . . . League Action Plan

  1. League would support this bill if it is given serious consideration by the legislature, because point legend 4 meet, our consensus.

  2. If H.B. 251 is indeed ┬░dead", we'll attempt to have a bill introduced that contain,: LWV-supported provisions. A coalition possibility is Citizens for Hawaii, which also has a campaign finances position.

  3. Jill suggest to Lt. Governor's office the feasibility study of the free bipartisan pamphlets,


The Hawaii League hasn't studied Land Use long enough to have reached consensus in this area. However, our current study flags the subject of Land use for Leaguers. so, as you read about the legislative activities, keep this study and its goals in mind:

"A study of land use inn, Hawaii with particular reference to the State Land Use Commission: its functions and powers; its decision making and how these decisions affect state and county, planning, land values and taxation; relationship with the Departments of Planning and Economic Development and Land and Natural Resources,"

--- Legislators' lineup ---

For most effective lobbying, the League keeps a personal file on each legislator. We need to know which League members can reach which legislators. So please let us know of any contacts you have with any of them by returning this form to State LW office, 1802 Keeaumoku.


Legislators What kind of contact?

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