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Human Resources: Part I

Human Resources in a B-R-O-A-D Item

Does the membership agree to act? Is the membership informed? Does the affected League Board approve of the action program?

For example, testimony is before the County Council then the local Board is in charge; if lobbying the State legislature is the approach then the State Board gives the go-ahead; if writing Congress, the National Board is consulted. Of course, all action of a provisional League must be approved by the State Board.

If the answer is yes-yes-yes, then your League can take action under the Human Resources item.

Here's what our Leagues are doing now:

The provisional LWV of Kauai has received State permission to support the continuation of the County's nutrition project for the elderly poor.

The Honolulu LWV is studying the Department of Social Services.

These two Leagues will provide the rest of the State with their reports.

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