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Testimony: Senate Committee on Public Employment

March 17, 1971 - Senator Henry Takitani, Chairman

RE: SB-142, Sb-286, and Sb-530

Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to present this written testimony. The League of Women Voters of Hawaii has studied Ethics in Government for several years. We supported the original legislation passed in 1967. We were however, disturbed that "elected officials" were omitted from coverage in sections of Act 263. Since then we have been lobbying to have that omission corrected. We were very pleased when HB-111 finally passed both houses in the 1970 session. 7e were terribly disappointed when Governor Burns vetoed that bill.

We support the intention of SB-142, 286, and 530 but are concerned that they co:, the phrase 'undue advantage'. Governor Burns said in his veto message "What constitutes 'undue advantage' is not defined.. In this instant case the lack of standards defining 'undue advantage' under HB-111 is objectionable on the grounds of vagueness". Because of this, we feel these bills would also be subject to veto The League has participated with the Citizens Committee on Ethics and the State Ethics Commission in strengthening Ethics legislation. From this study we would therefore favor that all effort this year be made to pass the Administration Bill on Ethics legislation - Senate Bill #1001. Thank you.

Alice Scott
Legislative Chairman
League of Women Voters of Hawaii

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