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Testimony: Various Proposed Bills on Campaign Financing

Testimony prepared for the house judiciary Committee -- Legislature State of Hawaii

Friday, March 5, 1971, 2:00 PM

Various Proposed Bills on Campaign Financing

There are ten bills before you today relating to Campaign Finances. Rather than testify on each of the proposed bills we have summarized our position in this area and my testimony will apply to all campaign Financing proposals you consider.

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii feel that ALL proposed legislation on Campaign Financing should require:

  1. Disclosure of all contributors, such disclosure to be made public BEFORE elections.

  2. A "cut-off" date for receipt of contributions should be established with all such contributions received 10 days prior to elections.

  3. We also want to see "contributions" clearly defined in the law.

In the case of Point One shove - disclosure before elections - we reached our position after much study in 19E8. We have not changed our mind! The study brought to the attention of our members the law in effect in Florida, and the Model State Campaign Contributions and expenditures Reporting Law. These laws made the donor and the recipient responsible in the financing of a campaign. Both laws provide detailed reporting procedures and penalties for violation. The Florida law has been in effect since 1951.

The League strongly recommends a "cut-off" date for receipt of all contributions, with disclosure before elections.

In several of these proposed bills before you the language "contributions of money or other things of value" is used. This is what we mean when we say we want contributions clearly defined. What are "other things of value"!

Mrs. Alice Scott
Legislative Chairman

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