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Attention Honolulu County League Members

School Study: Where Do We Go From Here?

That question is one that the members throughout the State should consider and answer during adoption of State program at the Convention in June. The State Committee is very active and regrets only that it seems so impossible to pass on to members all the areas we are studying and all the information we gather in our interviews with Board of Education members; Legislators; Administrators, We can assure you that we have had much encouragement from many sources to continue our interest. A top administrator of Dept of Education told us we could serve the public by asking the “hard questions" about education, and encouraged our participation in several areas One of our members was asked to be present at all meetings of the Classification study which has just been completed for the Board. (And the consultant asked to meet with the League school study committee and State Board members). We audit all Board of Education meetings and plan to again observe Senate and House Education Committee hearings. Any of you interested in assisting in-this observing program, please contact Helen Frederick - 941-5720 (Honolulu).

Two emerging issues on which the League might .center future study are: State Add to Private schools (including the voucher system) and whether it would benefit the people of the State to keep the schools open all year.

The committee is interested in the pursuit of “,accountability “ in our educational system. This "accountability” so far seems to be an elusive quality about which you will probably hear of a great deal during the impending legislative session. Would

League members like to have units on methods by which this accountability might be achieved?

We could also pursue methods of structuring policy making units closer to the patrons of the system rather than the present single Board.

Who will represent the parents when collective bargaining lows go into effect? How can parents be sure that the budget is not sliced too lopsidedly, leaving too little for textbooks and equipment?

While these thoughts may not be editorially perfect, they will give you some indication of the directions in which the League might look for future involvement.


If you were not a member at that time, obtain your copy from Beth Prideaux, Hawaii County; Joan Warner, Kauai County; and the office Honolulu County.

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