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ABC Election Night Special

Ones again the Hawaii State League has some money in the treasury thanks to the help of the members. The League of Women Voters of Hawaii assisted ABC-TV network in reporting the election returns from thirty-six selected precincts in Hawaii. Beverly Carter was the state coordinator, and she was assisted by Claudia Patilt Lila Grossman, Betty Thick, Betsy Marckinkus, and Helen Frederick for the island of Oahu; Trudy Zelko, Sarah Thompson, and Sue Goode for the island of Hawaii; Peggy Haring. for Molokai; and League friends on Maui - Mary Lillie, Janet Allen, Lillian Callahan, and Pat Butchart.

The fun began a week before the election When the teams combined to phone New Jersey with phony results for the "Dress Rehearsal”. Election night found the teams on Maui and Molokai at tie precincts to read the results direct from the voting machines. In Hilo and Honolulu, special teams welted for the returns with representatives from the press, radio, and TV. ABC had its' own office, complete with telephone backstage at the HIC. It was a thrilling night for everyone. ABC was able to make its commuter predictions based on the results of the noon pick-up on Oahu and the returns from Maul County.

Beverly Carter

There was no ABC pickup from Kauai so Leaguers there did their own thing for KGMB in Honolulu. Along with this first time reporting Kauai did a Voters Service project. They have now collected and compiled the information for their first Candidates Questionnaire. It was published in the Garden Isle paper and distributed throughout the county before the primary and again before the general election. Congratulations for a job well done.

Honolulu County League made n successful debut in Television. They were asked to interview the candidates before the primary rand general election for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Congressional representatives arid Senate. This was part of ETV's public affairs programming. They were also asked by ETV to participate in the production of a program pertaining to the elections. The board chose to show the process of voting from the time the ballot is prepared in the Lt. Governors office until it is counted on election night. The title of the production is “We Elect". It was shown on ETV before the Primary Election and again the night before the General Election. Two excellent newspaper articles appeared in the Advertiser and Star Bulletin prior to the day the film was shown. Honolulu County League has voted to make this film available on video tape for use by schools rind the general public through the State Library System. Two libraries in the state now have video tape faculties and more will have it in the near future.

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