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Memo from State
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Memo from State

Start the fall season with: TIME FOR ACTION

This will take one letter, but two subjects, from each member.

Concerns: Constitutional Amendment providing for Direct Election of the President

Constitutional Amendment giving Washington, D.C. Representation in Congress.

WRITE: Senator Hiram Fong
New Senate Office Bldg Washington, D.C.

Both of these bills are expected to come before the Senate in September. Now is the time to make your views known as Senator Fong is on the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Constitutional Amendments. Let's do away with the outmoded Electoral College System. Remember that there are 800,000 people living in Washington, D. C. with no representation. They pay taxes, too. We have about the same population in Hawaii and have two congressmen and two Senators. Is it fair for a segment of the population to be without representation? Is this Democracy?


Be sure and read carefully the analysis of the school board amendment which we will vote on in November. September unit meetings will be devoted to the discussion of the amendment and what it means to the voters of Hawaii. (It is on the attached yellow sheet)


Leagues are getting in action for fall. Provisional League on Kauai will be going ahead with their first Voters Service project and . candidates Questionnaire.

Honolulu League will be the executive producer for ETV on interviewing candidates for Senate, Congress, Governor, and Lt. Governor. We all hope that this will be a successful series with wide viewing by the citizens of Hawaii, It may be a partial answer in helping to out the astronomical campaign costs in future elections.


Congratulations to our "baby" on Kauai. This month marks the first issue of the Kauai Voter. Kazuko Husted is the editor and can be very proud of her first issue.


The National Municipal League will be meeting during those dates. We are invited to send representatives. Naturally we don't have the money for transportation, but if a member was going to be in the vicinity, she would find it very worthwhile to attend.

An outstanding program with outstanding speakers and seminars is planned, If you could attend any of the sessions, call Ruth Snyder 373-6178 for further information.


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