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Environment Is the Word for 1970

I hope all Leaguers have been reading the excellent newspaper and news magazine coverage on our fast deteriorating environment. You must be wondering what the committees have been doing, so I will take this opportunity to fill you in on a few of the happenings and plans. Hilo co-sponsored a seminar on water pollution this past month and Honolulu participated in a Television panel on KGMB - Our part in the program may be viewed on the cutting room floor of the studio-but we found it to be a most informative experience.

The Honolulu League is helping the YWCA put on a series of Public education dialogues keyed toward what the citizen can do regarding Air and Water pollution. They are also busy planning for their unit meetings in May, and hope to explore in detail the LAND USE OF OAHU. This will be done by taking one or two outstanding examples and presenting all the steps end decisions from both sides. It should be an enlightening meeting.

Mrs. Marjory Taylor is observing the Land Use Commission meetings held on Oahu and all committee members are reading and attending community affairs dealing with environment.

We extend our congratulations to Mrs. Dorothy Thompson of Hilo on her appointment by Mayor Kimura as the first county environmentalist. At this time I do not know who the new study chairman of Hawaii County is or what further plans are being made there.

I recommend a new publication entitled ENVIRONMENT. The address is 438 North Skinner Blvd, St. Louis, Mo 63130.

I welcome suggestions and information from all Leaguers and of course Hilo end Honolulu would like to see more of you join the committees.

Pet Shutt
State Chairman

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