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50th Anniversary

The drive for membership contribution of 15 million continues. This means an average of $35.00 per member. Will each of you please look at your own contribution again?? Did you really hurt from last year? Can you find some way to contribute a wee bit more now to bring our individual average up? We have one member that has pledged her tutoring fees in the sum of $360.00!!!

Can we help some more by matching a tenth of that?

HAWAII COUNTY: Members - 47 $480.00 Average 10.21

HONOLULU: Members 219 5,657.00 Average 25.83

It won't take much more to meet our Please help.

Hawaii County send to Dale Bachman - P.O. Box 665 - Hilo

Honolulu send to Betty Tobiasson - 1802 Keeaumoku Honolulu 96822

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