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50th Anniversary Campaign Drive Is On!
First Call to Convention - April 18-19
Hawaii Constitutional Amendments Overlooked
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Do You Give a Damn about... (Marie Gilson)
Look at the Inner City
President's Message (Marguerite Simson)
Voters Brochure "Snapped Up"
We Congratulate Leaguers
And More Congratulations...
Thanks for a Job Well Done
Can You Help?
Something New Has Been Added
What a Pitch!

Read All About It!

Readers of America's national magazines were treated to a full-page Sinclair Oil ad which featured the League of Glastonbury, Connecticut, and a photo of Susan Stone of the Champaign County, Illinois League, who has promoted a tree campaign there. The ad appeared in fall issues of Audubon, National Geographic, Natural History, Saturday Review, Sports Illustrated and U.S. News and World Report.

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