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50th Anniversary Campaign Drive Is On!
First Call to Convention - April 18-19
Hawaii Constitutional Amendments Overlooked
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Do You Give a Damn about... (Marie Gilson)
Look at the Inner City
President's Message (Marguerite Simson)
Voters Brochure "Snapped Up"
We Congratulate Leaguers
And More Congratulations...
Thanks for a Job Well Done
Can You Help?
Something New Has Been Added
What a Pitch!

*Do You Give a Damn about...

DHR I. Quiz - - -

Do you come up tight at the mere mention of a guaranteed annual wage?

[ostrich with head in sand]

Well, then, how are you about the rising crime rate and the shortage of low income housing? Do you scent a connection between slum type living conditions, car thefts, vandalism and their ilk?

How about putting those on welfare to work? What stands in their way? --Education - or Transportation ? ? ? ?

Do you see a resemblance between yourself and the accompanying cartoon?

If you do, attend your local DHR committee meetings. Find out how it really is - - - or convince others of how it should be.

* With a nod to the Urban Coalition for the DHR Chairman use of their advertising slogan.

Marie Gilson

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