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From the President (Marguerite Simson)
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With the Local Leagues
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League of Women Voters of Hawaii Board Members

With the Local Leagues

Voters Service and the Con-Con are the by-words with Leaguers these days.

In Hawaii County . . .

...the League is sponsoring a series of area coffees for con-con, the charter, and to demonstrate the new voting device,

...during the last week of voter registration 300 new voters were registered by Leaguers.

...on election day the LWV will man a phone in the Election Clerk's office to answer questions about transportation to the polls. They will use a Voteswagon and College students to transport voters and babysit if necessary.

...the LWV will issue a brochure, in 3 languages, to support the Charter.

In Honolulu . . . .

...over 1000 voters were registered by the League during the last two weeks of the registration period.

...many of these registered with the Voteswagon which found lines waiting for them wherever they went.

...representatives of the League demonstrated the new voting device and the Democratic and Republican State Conventions.

State Voters Service activity has aimed at helping the Con Con Committee pull together information on all the Con Con Candidates for a publication to be inserted in the newspapers. All in all total League effort to make the Con Con a success has been tremendous.

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