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State Convention Highlights
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State Convention Highlights

Held Saturday, April 20th at M's Ranch House

Business Meeting - Bylaws were amended to clarify wording thus eliminating any suggestion of the necessity of a: 2-day Convention; redefined convention delegates to include State Board and Local Presidents; spelled out in detail procedure for adopting an emergency program item in even-numbered years; defeated proposed change in quorum which would have made a convention of only one League a possibility. A Budget of $1890, was adopted with Honolulu

League pledging $1250 and Hawaii County pledging $150. Treasurer reported income exceeded expenditures for the year by $45.49. An Invitation for the next Convention was issued by the Honolulu League.

Panel on Legislative Action: - The Observing Program and the Lobbying activity were personally rewarding to the participants. The League is now well known to the legislators and we must work again next year for our positions on Ethics and Elections Laws. Panel on Voter's Service -- Both Leagues working on the ConCon and are faced with the challenge of increasing the vote. Some suggestions: rides to the. polls, babysitting, concentration on making new citizens voters, translating, basic information into another language to give to people planning to be naturalized.

Luncheon Speaker - Mr. Loren T. Gill., Director of Palama Settlement

Mr. Gill quickly stripped away any complacency in the face of the crisis of :11e poor threatening many mainland' cities. In Hawaii too there are those who have not been able to keep up with, or even identify with, the upward mobility to middle-class. Poverty areas in Honolulu are potentially as explosive as any presently burning ghetto. He described some of the new and old approaches which are being used in his areas and others around the Islands. The spirit of. Mr. Gill's talk was urgency!

Workshop: Crisis in the City - Stimulated by Loren Gill's talk, the workshop focused their thoughts on projects the League could. undertake, especially in the Kalihi-Palama area. They assessed the preliminary work, study, and evaluation which would be necessary in order to act effectively.

Workshop: The League Way of Doing Things: - Study before action; involvement with government; but must guard against feeling that League is the only one capable of handling a given problem. Other groups should share the glory (and hard work) of voters service and community action. A League study does not need to be exhaustive but League strength lies precisely in its reputation for well-informed "amateur" opinions.

Hospitality Dinner - Held on Friday evening, April 19th. About 20 Leaguers enjoyed an evening given over to socializing! Leis were presented to new local League Presidents, Trudi Zelko and Elaine Vik. Special honor was given to Laura Draper who is resigning from the League after long years of active and dedicated service.

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