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From the President (Marguerite Simson)
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From the President

Read the newspapers--controversies, rapid changes, seemingly insurmountable differences have become the daily food for thought served up at everyone's breakfast table. Hawaii is becoming a very complicated place. No longer is it possible (if it ever was) to solve a problem, heave a sigh and say, "Well, that's done," before going on to the next situation that needs correction.

As you, the League member, become that informed,. politically responsible citizen whom the League tries to develop, you become more acutely aware of the multiplicity of problems which affect government today. How these problems affect you depends on how directly involved you allow yourself to become, how much you care about what happens to your government, your community, your fellow man. In an organization such as ours it is always soul-soothing to think, "The League should look into this -- I'll propose it at the next round for program-making." But the more newspapers you read, the more TV broadcasts you watch, the more numerous and immediate the problems appear to be. How can, we ever cover them all? Will the League approach be too little and too late?

Don't be so frustrated! The League does not need to handle every problem which presents itself. You, the League member, can use your League training in study-leading-to-action to work through other groups to achieve your goals. The League's Program is not just an end in itself (although goals we seek are certainly worthwhile). The League's Program is also a training tool for the member who wants to learn to be politically effective through group action.

Join your political party. Work actively for the candidate whose platforms you can support. Join other organizations whose goals are the same as yours. Organize your own group of citizens if you have to when you think something needs to be done. Put your League experience to work outside the League as well as within it to be sure that your point of view is represented effectively. The League itself cannot solve all the problems of our day. League members can certainly try!!

Marguerite Simson

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