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Twenty Mondays on HETV

The HETV series on the Constitutional Convention will consist of twenty half-hour programs to be telecast weekly at 7:30 p.m. beginning Monday, April 8. The first fourteen programs, those prior to the opening of the Constitutional Convention, are for the purpose of providing general. information to the public about the issues likely to be handled by the Con-Con. The remaining six programs will consist of reports on the action of the Convention.

The schedule of program topics is as follows:

April 8 -- Nature of the Con-Con, will it be dominated by the people or by legislators.

April 15 -- Bill of Rights -- Collective Bargaining

April 22 -- Ethics

April 29 -- Executive

May 6 -- Judicial

May 13 -- Legislative I - Bicameral vs. Unicameral

May 20 -- Legislative II - Pay, size, length and nature of sessions.

May 27 -- Initiative, referendum and recall

June 3 -- Tax and Finance

June 10 -- State-County Relationships

June 17 -- Education

June 24 -- Community Life - Health, Welfare, Conservation, Planning, Cultural

July 1 -- Election Laws

July 8 -- Organization, functioning and implementation of the Convention

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