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State Board Notes

The State Board starts the new year with the loss of two members, one temporarily.

The Board regretfully accepted the resignation of Mrs. CHANDLER ROWE who resigned because of illness. Mrs. Rowe handled Voters Service.

Mrs. THOMAS GILSON, Vice-President, and Chairman of Organization and Membership leaves this month for Japan where Dr. Gilson will be teaching in a Masters and Business Program arranged by the University of Hawaii for the U.S. Air Force in Japan. Mrs. Gilson will resume her Board duties in September.


The Board will welcome a new member in February when Mrs. ROBERT MCCULLAH (Jeanine) joins it as a director. She will take over the editorship of the Hawaii Voter.

Jeanine joined LWV in South Dakota in 1951. There she was a local bulletin editor, president of a local league, and state secretary. Since coming to Honolulu with her family over ten years ago she has served as editor of Honolulu's Aloha Voter, on local and State nominating committees, and as vice-president of the Honolulu League, moving into the presidency to complete an unexpired term. At present she is chairman of the Honolulu League Budget Committee. Between times, or concurrently, Jeanine is a teacher,

Mr. McCullagh is U.H. Methodist Campus Minister. They have two children, aged six and eight.

Mrs. ARLEN: SCOTT is chairman of the sub-committee studying questions on elections and suffrage for the January Citizens Conference on the ConstitutionalConvention.

State and Honolulu Leagues were invited to participate in the Hawaii Counties Association's three day Water Institute in December where State President MRS. GEORGE SIMSON was asked to be interrogator .after one of the morning panel sessions. With the exception of the lady Supervisor from Hawaii County and the official secretaries, the four League members who attended were the only women who participated.

Besides attending the Counties' Water Institute, Mrs. A. 0. MARRACK, State Board, and Mrs. KENNETH SHUTT, Honolulu League, were observers at the National Reclamation Assn. conference held here in November. This group of delegates from 17 western states concentrated on water supply problems. Your observers came away thankful that Hawaii's water supply, unlike that inmost states, is not only plentiful (bless the rain) but one of the world's purest. An efficient Board of Supply on Oahu works to keep it so now and in the future.


Maui reports a 50% increase in its MAL Unit. Still not a large group but growing.

Kauai, we happily report, has one MAL, Mrs. RICHARD MCCLEERY of Anahola.



Save these dates:

April 19-20

for Consideration of Bylaw changes

Adoption of Budget.



THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS of ALASKA which joined the other 49 states and Puerto Rico as a State League in convention Oct. 13-14 in Juneau.

Delegates adopted Election Laws and Procedures as the first state study item.


to Mrs. FLAVE GEORGE, president of the Honolulu League, for her appointment by Gov. Burns to the newly formed State Ethics Commission.

At its 1st meeting Mary was chosen acting chairman. A nice tribute to Mary, personally, and recognition of the League's fight for a code of ethics in government.

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