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Highlights from the 1966-1967 report of the LWV Overseas Education Fund.

Successful national leadership training conferences were held in Bolivia and Argentina, The latter was the first of its kind in the country.

The Bolivian workshop was the second annual effort and showed impressive progress. The Central American program, in its fourth year, continues with women' s civic organizations active in almost every country. Sixteen graduates from OEF' s Leadership Institute, joined with leaders in their home countries to select projects for team action in schools, adult education, volunteer organizations and labor unions.

OEF Leadership Institute in Boston enrolled 25 young women from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile in the Fall session for four months training in community analysis and action techniques.

Washington Headquarters held a two week program for fifteen distinguished women from seven Latin American countries, and forty-one tours and briefings on civic aspects of our country were held for visitors from twenty-seven countries, including the delegation of four Russian women whose visit was described in National Voter.

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