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Year for Membership Growth (Marie Gilson)
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Year for Membership Growth

This is our YEAR FOR MEMBERSHIP GROWTH. Let's think about: -

  1. RECRUITMENT - Where DO we get those names from? Best place is from League members, surveys show. Ask them to bring a guest to the next meeting OR supply the names of TWO likely prospects for the Membership Committee to contact and bring to the next meeting. Remember - NOTHING takes the place of PERSONAL CONTACT.

  2. CARE OF NEW MEMBERS - This is where consistent follow-up comes in. Is the orientation of these new members on a gradual basis? After all, let's not frighten them off before they've begun to understand League. Urge them, via the telephone or in person, but NOT by letter - to attend extra League functions such as Go See Trips, Workshops, etc.

  3. DROP OUTS - Have their reasons been analyzed? If it is lack of interest, WHY was this so? Have all involved in planning League meetings read "Meaningful Meetings?" Put its suggestions to work and let it help Programs become more exciting. As for transfers, do you regularly send the names and new addresses to the State offices involved? Has the departing member been given one of the new Transfer Cards National now has available? Most important of all, let's keep an ever-watchful eye out for the potential drops and then make an effort to find new interests in League for them. Here again, the TELEPHONE is the Membership Committee's best friend.

  4. WORK - this is what is written on the other side of that coin that has PERSONAL CONTACT on it. We have a second coin - CONSISTENT FOLLOW-UP is very clearly marked on it.

Marie Gilson (Mrs. Thomas)
Organization & Membership Chairman

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