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State Convention Highlights

Budget: Added is a new item, an Organization Fund, to be used for expenses incurred in organizing and assisting leagues on the outer islands.

Report on Ethics: A survey of problem areas and possible legislation resulted in a comprehensive study folder on the subject by the Ethics Committee. Without State consensus it was not possible to lobby in the Legislature but committee members attended hearings and were as helpful to lawmakers as possible. Representative Francis Wong wrote thanking the League for its help, and soliciting future help in generating interest on ethics in the community.

Report on Election Laws: The Convention voted to support our current consensus and decisions on election laws. See more extensive report on another page. The Election Law Study Guide resulted in a slight deficit but in excellent public relations.

Many requests for extra copies made a second edition necessary. Copies are still available.

By-laws Revision: These were chiefly minor wording changes as suggested by the National Board. The one extensive change clarifies the State League's responsibility for active organization of local leagues.

Program: The discussion on recommended C A items centered on these points; that in our election laws study we have not covered primaries, campaign practices, expenses, restrictions; that campaign practices could form a link between the two items; that the health of the State League depends on ALL leagues following the program and working for state consensus.


1 - Ethics: Study of ethics in State Government.

2 - Election Laws: Study of Election Laws and Election Laws Administration.

Organization Report: Neighbor Islands work under two big handicaps; lack of members with previous league experience, and difficulty in building membership. Despite this Hawaii County has been outstanding for: conducting a very successful Finance Drive; holding Voter Service rallies that have built a respected public image; having had members on the Charter Commission and having influenced Charter legislation; and for having successfully used a men's advisory committee on certain problems. Maui suffers from complex problems but this small group meets regularly, did a candidates questionaire, and had 2 ABC reporters during the election. Mrs Marion Saunders closed her report by reminding us that "a large league cannot do for a small league what it must do for itself".

Water Report: A Panel presented facts on proposed State water quality standards and present pollution of coastal waters from various sources. It suggested that all leagues try to stimulate public interest in this subject.

Round Table Discussions elicited some interesting ideas which must be left for a future issue.

1968 Convention: The delegates voted "yes" on Mary George's motion that we consider in Hilo.

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