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Recommendations for State Program

The State Board recommends the following program for the coming two years:

Election Laws: Study of Election Laws and Election Law Administration Ethics: Study of Ethics in State Government

Non-recommended items received by the State Board include the following:

  1. State Planning (and transportation as it relates to state planning)

  2. Education (political)

  3. Conservation of marine life

  4. State Board of Education (services, etc.)

    (need for school nurses)

    (sex education in public schools) (transportation of school children)

    (support of services for DOE programs for dyslectic school children)

  5. Study of abortion laws in Hawaii.

Any of these items may be placed before the April Convention during the time on Friday afternoon set aside for non-recommended items to be proposed. To become a State Current Agenda item, a non-recommended item must receive a majority vote for consideration and a three-fifths vote for adoption.

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