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ETHICS: Public awareness of the problems of Conflict of Interest and Standards of Conduct for Public servants has never been higher; not only in Hawaii, but in the entire country. Because of the complexity of modern government, there are many situations where honest doubts arise concerning standards of conduct. It would be naive to suggest that a code of ethics can or will instantly solve the problems, but we have a responsibility to get actively involved. When considering standards of conduct, we must bear in mind both sides of the issue--the right of the public to expect the highest level of integrity of public servants--and the right of public servants to be informed of the standard of conduct to which they are expected to adhere.

We are approaching the new year and the scheduled meetings to discuss the issue of ethics here in Hawaii. It is indeed encouraging to note that eleven candidates seeking state office included ethics in their platforms. These included candidates from both parties. This, to me, is a graphic answer to our question at the Convention as to whether this item would be timely and worth the effort.

It appears we are at the crossroads in the area of ethical standards for public servants at the state level of government, and that the League of Women Voters of can make a significant contribution to the entire community in the pursuit of this area of study. Because of the complexity of the subject and our time-honored vow never to take a study lightly, I would strongly recommend that Ethics at the State level be a continued study. The community, with whom we have established an image throughout the state, will look for leadership from us in this vital part our governmental operation.

Are you prepared to accept the challenge?

Nancy Dykes

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