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Voter Service

As the first coed on Waikiki Beach announces the coming of spring, so the appearance of bumper stickers and other familiar political indicators act as harbingers of the election season. Although the identities of candidates for major races are still unknown, we don't have to know the names on the ballot to know that the election of 1966 will be one of the most important in Island history. The election of a brand new Legislature with a power structure forever altered by reapportionment, the choosing of the state's first elected school board, the decision on whether to hold a constitutional convention, are all decisions that will affect the basic structure of Hawaii's government.

In such a year, League voter service work aimed at promoting an informed vote is particularly important. Emphasis should be on the widest possible distribution of the basic League voter aids, the candidate's questionnaire and pro and con information on ballot issues. There is so much to be done, but as always the amount that will get done is determined by the number of hands volunteered. If you will have any time at all this summer, call your League's Voter Service Chairman to see what you can do.

Sue Thorndike
State Voter Service Chairman

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