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Who Speaks for League?

(Adapted from The Florida Voter, July, 1965)

Members of the League of Women Voters write and speak as individuals--NOT as League members. Local Presidents will speak for the local Leagues. The State President, Mrs. Marguerite Simson, speaks for the League of Women Voters of Hawaii, and the National President, Mrs. Robert J. Stuart, is the spokesman for the League of Women Voters of the United States.

This policy is so basic to all levels of League operation that many of you will wonder why we repeat it here.

The recent prominent position which the name League of Women Voters has held in the headlines of newspapers with state-wide circulation makes it necessary that every member be aware of and able to back up the League's procedure. A re-statement of League policy at this time may forestall criticism and clear up any confusion which may remain in the minds of the members and the public.

Consensus, the basis for the League's position, does not purport to be based on complete unanimity. Indeed, had we such unanimity we would be inclined to doubt that our study, discussion, and consensus reaching processes had been thorough and objective. Individual members who agree or disagree with League consensus on an issue are not in any way expected to refrain from expressing their views as individuals.

However, by collective membership consent, letters, statements or representation on any board or committee for or in the name of the League of Women Voters are written, made or accepted ONLY by the President or her officially designated representative after approval by the Board of Directors.

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