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[From the President]

Dear Member:

By the time you receive this issue of the Voter, the League of Women Voters of Hawaii will have been in existence for seven months. Perhaps it is too early to take stock of its accomplishments or justify its existence. The State Board is still testing various methods and procedures, lines of communication, routines, and theories. In spite of any delay resulting from experiment, however, the State League's accomplishments are substantial, both as performance and as preparation for things to come.

The Legislative Observation program which Mrs. Sue Thorndike's Legislative committee carried out was designed as preparation for action in later legislative sessions. The committee received and catalogued every bill which was introduced into either house. Those bills which had any connection with a League agenda item were studied carefully. Their progress was followed through committees, hearings, and floor debate, and the final outcome of both successes and failures was noted. League members attended hearings and sessions whenever possible in order to keep on top of their legislation. The value of this study will be the clear understanding of the problems we will face when we try to influence legislation, and of the procedures which we can use to solve these problems. Plans are being made for even broader coverage of the Budget session of the Legislature in 1966.

A preliminary report has been made to the local Leagues by the Human Resources chairman, Mrs. Lila Grossman, listing the work being done in Hawaii with funds from the federal government. Her next survey will deal with those state projects which should also be included in a Human Resources study.

A group of women on Maui led by Mrs. Peggy Broderick who are interested in forming a League there have begun an Analysis of the Community. The results of a study of this sort should form the foundation for the eventual organization of a broadly representative, and therefore very strong, league. Mrs. Marion Saunders, Organization Chairman, is their advisor in this undertaking.

Mrs. Gracia Bell has finished the first draft of a seventh grade-level publication based on the Know Your State Government study which was produced by the two local Leagues. The seventh grade social studies curriculum includes a survey of state government. Our publication, after it is checked by a curriculum committee in the Department of Education for readability, should be recommended for purchase by all of the Hawaii schools. Mrs. Iris Timmerman is illustrating the booklet, which is expected to be completed and ready for sale by January.

The most important achievement of the State LWV is the publication of a study guide, Election Laws and Election Law Administration. The study guide and its related publication, Facts and Issues, are the result of five months of research and writing by Mrs. James Lowers and her election laws committee. While most Leaguers took a vacation from government at all levels except that of their immediate families, this committee met and studied throughout the summer. The booklet which they produced would make even the oldest and largest State League proud.

Once we have reached consensus on part of the election laws study our list of achievements will be complete. In order to arrive at a good, strong consensus on an issue every member must 'know the facts and understand the problems. The way to be sure that you have all the information you need is to buy and read the study guide, do the extra reading in the library, then take part in the discussion at unit meetings. After consensus is reached the Election Laws study guide should become a permanent part of your library, to be updated as the laws change. For her own sake, as well as for the well-being of the new State League, every member should become and should remain an authority on the election laws of Hawaii.

Marguerite Simson

I would like to become a member of the League of Women Voters. I live in Hawaii County Honolulu (Oahu) Maui County Kauai County Annual Dues ($5.00) enclosed

I would like to contribute $ to the League of Women Voters of Hawaii. Contribution enclosed

I would like a non-member subscription to the Hawaii Voter ($1.00 prepaid)

I would like to buy the Election Laws Study Guide for 50ยข (member) $1.00 (non-member) prepaid

Name Address Mail to: Mrs. Jane Carpenter, Treasurer, LWVH, 116 Palani, Hilo, Hawaii

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