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Election Laws

Recently there has not been a week go by without an article in one, or the other, of our Hawaii newspapers on our Voting Laws. With this excellent publicity we feel all our members must by now be well aware of the fact we citizens in the 50th State must do something to improve our voting record.

Members of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii should be an exceptionally well informed group of citizens. It is one of the prime functions of the LWV to keep informed and to be VOCAL. With this in mind your Election Laws study committee has spent the summer getting a study guide ready for distribution. It is our hope that each member will buy a copy and keep it handy for easy reference not only during these next months when we will study and reach consensus, but through the next years when we hope to be able to take action. Good and effective action will be possible only with a well-informed membership, and we feel sure our study guide will make it easy for each of you to know the basic facts in our laws.

The guide we have prepared is a digest of what our laws say and contains supplemental material as well as a bibliography. It has been checked by two of our County Clerks, by an attorney, and by two of the National Board members of the LWV. We feel it should be a ready reference in every member's hands and hope you will feel the same.

The cost of the study guide will be 50¢ to members--just enough to cover our costs. Look for it at your October Unit Meetings... and Do Buy It:

Nan Lowers

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