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April 1965

October 1965

Election Laws (Nan Lowers)
Legislative News on Election Laws (Sue Thorndike)
Our First State Convention
Program of the League of Women Voters
State Board
President's Message (Marguerite Simson)

State Board


Mrs. Marguerite Simson (George) 3238 Alani Dr., Honolulu 982-371


Mrs. Mimi Warsh (Louis) 1405 Waianuenue Ave., Hilo 51212


Mrs. Jane Carpenter (Stanley) 116 Palani St., Hilo 3419

Election Laws

Mrs. Nan Lowers (James) 307 Halemaumau St., Honolulu 33360

Voters Service

Mrs. Sue Thorndike (Walter) 1923 Halekoa Dr., Honolulu 700-928

Organization and Members-at-Large

Mrs. Marion Saunders (Allan) Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu 982-635

Human Resources

Mrs. Lila Grossman (Sherman) 302-a Elelupe Rd., Honolulu 39387

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