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Election Laws (Nan Lowers)
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Our First State Convention
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President's Message (Marguerite Simson)

State Program 1965-1967

Election Laws

Election Laws: Study of Election Laws and Election Administration was the first state program adopted at the first convention of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii in March, 1965. trying to set up a plan for this study, we have set our sight this way: What do the election laws say about qualification for voting, registration, primary system, and about election administration?

Qualification for Voting: See what the law is on residency, age. literacy, and on the military voter.

Registration: How and when can a voter register, how can he identify himself, and how are Hawaii's registration lists updated?

Primary Ssystem: A study of our pros and cons of open versus closed primaries must be part of our study. The time deadline for candidates to file will be included. Election Administration: Do we have adequate polling places, are voters notified of where they vote, does the state send out sample ballots, how is our election personnel chosen and trained, and what method is used in tabulating votes?

After reading the laws, we will compare them to laws from other states and to the recommendations contained in the report of the President's Commission. after discussion we hope to reach a good consensus.

At present our State Board is busy getting examples from other State Leagues of what they did and found and what action they have taken. We are planning on having a "Study Guide" ready for use by Resource People in the local leagues by the first part of September. We hope to get consensus on at least the first two phases of the study in time to take action at the legislative session which begins February 1, 1965. Anybody interested in helping on the State Election Laws Committee contact Nan Lowers. Phone 33360. The address is 307 Halemaumau Street, Honolulu.

Nan Lowers

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