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Big Island Public Finance Campaign Trial

Advocates including the State and Hawaii County Leagues are excitedly watching the initial months of Hawai`i's first trial of comprehensive public financing for political elections . Created by the 2009 State Legislature, this pilot covers Hawaii Council elections for three electoral cycles. Already, 4 candidates have qualified for public financing, the amount of which is determined by a formula based on previous campaign costs in each district and whether there is an opponent for the upcoming vote. Other candidates have indicated they are pursuing the difficult qualifying process of gathering verifiable signatures and $5 donations.

Luckily for the State Legislature, the Honolulu League Education Fund has stepped forward to fund and oversee an objective, independent evaluation of this year's pilot with assistance from the Hanser Foundation. The Burriss Institute in Georgia was selected to design and carry out the evaluation after a local search failed to identify credible independent organizations willing and able to provide the expertise and staffing required. Hawaii County League members Sue Irvine and Sue Dursin have offered to support the evaluation with their local contacts, knowledge and if necessary on-the-ground assistance.

A committee of League members with legislative and evaluation experience and a University of Hawaii faculty member with research expertise and interest in this area are supervising the evaluation contract.

The goals of the evaluation are to evaluate the Campaign Spending Commission's performance in accomplishing the responsibilities set forth by the Act, and the impact of the pilot on voters' engagement with candidates and the election, and on candidate diversity.

Beppie Shapiro

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