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Campaign to Stop Legalized Gambling Successful

Anticipating a push to legalize some forms of gambling to address the economic slowdown, the Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (HCALG) went into crisis mode. We arranged a visit by John W. Kindt, professor of business and legal policy at the University of Illinois, whose research over 20 years has focused on the societal, business, and economic impacts of decriminalizing gambling activities.

To introduce Professor Kindt to the public, Ira Rohter wrote an op-ed for the Star Bulletin about the professor and his thoughts on the impacts of legalized gambling on any community. For five days, Professor Kindt was rushed from one activity to another: morning radio shows, talks to groups like Rotary, a meeting sponsored by the Interfaith Alliance, Kokua Council, Interfaith Open Table, among others, a panel on Hawaii Public Radio's “Town Square”. PBS's “Insights”, an appearance on a radio station's Filipino program, productions (sponsored by Representative Cindy Evans) using 'Olelo's Capitol Productions program, a lunch for legislators. Every spare minute he met with individual legislators. The lunch was taped and distributed using 'Olelo's mini-cam program.

By the time he left Hawaii we understand he was hoarse and I'm sure, worn out. We really owe him a debt of gratitude for persevering through all that.

The frontal attack to activate the support of opponents of legalized gambling was a stunning success thanks to the untiring leadership of HCALG President Dianne Kay, the unstinting efforts of Ira Rohter, Vice President of HCALG, Richard Port, Jean Aoki, Grace Miller, Violet Horvarth, Jack Hoag, and yours truly. While eight bills including a constitutional amendment were introduced to legalize different forms of gambling, and proponents did debate the issue, not a single hearing was held for any of these bills.

Our final work is to pass SB260, SD1 in the House. It will declare the phone pull-tab machines that have been operating in bars and restaurants for years as “gambling”. This bill would allow the police to remove them. We have no desire to let gambling enter the State through this back door.

Grace Furukawa
League representative on HCALG Board

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