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Honolulu Report

1. Membership as of Aug 16, 2008 – 204

2. Planning and Transportation – Honolulu continues to monitor the City and its actions regarding the rail issue. We continue to speak from our position of May 1990 that a fixed guide-way rail system's high costs are not justified by the almost meaningless reduction in traffic that it can be expected to bring. We supported the petition effort that would give voters a voice in expressing their desire for rail or not. Honolulu joined in as a complainant in a suit to force the City to accept the “Stop Rail Now” petitions. The Court has since required the City to process the petitions.

3. Vote Count – Honolulu conducted the election for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in June, processing approximately 2600 ballots. We also counted the votes for Hoopono (blind vendors) as a League public service. In late August we are scheduled to count the votes for the St. Louis Alumni Association.

4. Voter Service - Honolulu conducted voter registration at the Hawaii Kai July 4th celebration. We also registered voters at St Andrew's Priory and Iolani School.

5. Affordable Shelter – Jackie Parnell continues to monitor City activity on this issue. Jackie reports that Mayor Mufi Hannemann has stated that the City and County of Honolulu has no responsibility to provide affordable housing, because this is the State's responsibility. Our League sent a letter to the Mayor requesting an update on his affordable housing program.

6. The annual Planning Meeting in December will be held at the Grand Cafe & Bakery. Program details will be announced later.

7. Suzanne Meisenzahl represented Honolulu at the National Convention. She reported that the per member payment (PMP) which local Leagues are assessed by National will be raised in 2009 and 2010.

8. New member Joy Marshall has jumped into the fray of League activities. She is working with Jackie Parnell to produce and distribute the 2008 membership directory. To save on postage costs, we are distributing it by email where we can and offering it by regular mail to members who request it. She will prepare the labels for our Aloha Voter, which will free-up Jackie to work on her very important presidential tasks. Joy also worked closely with Arlene Ellis on the IBEW election. Welcome to Joy!

Piilani Kaopuiki

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