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ConCon Activities Planned (Jean Aoki)
Primer on ConCon (Jean Aoki)
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ConCon Activities Planned

When we realized that none of the local Leagues could reach consensus for or against ConCon, we planned an ambitious campaign to provide as much information as we could to Hawaii’s voters.

With the help of our wonderful webmaster, Steve Trussel, we put all kinds of information on ConCons past and present and the Hawaii State Constitution, made easily accessible to everyone, in both annotated and “bare bones” versions on our website at http://www.lwv-hawaii.com. We can proudly announce that preparations for three programs have been completed. Special thanks to JoAnn Maruoka who worked tirelessly with me to bring these programs to fruition. Also to Honolulu President Piilani Kaopuiki who always gave a helping hand when needed.

  1. Four forums to air on ‘Olelo Channel 49. Check our web-site for the latest information on schedules. Tapes will be sent to the County League presidents to submit to their own access stations. The first three forums discuss the risks, challenges and opportunities offered by a ConCon.

    1. Native Hawaiian Affairs Gov. John Waihee, Colin Kippen, Jon Osorio; Moderator: Leimomi Khan

    2. Education Nina Buchanan, Maggie Cox, Roger Takabayashi, Dan White; Moderator: Richard Borreca

    3. Environment, Land Use, Water. Kehaulani Watson, Jon Van Dyke, Henry Curtis; Moderator: Lea Hong

    4. After the Vote. William Paty, Gov. John Waihee, Jim Shon,.Richard Borreca; Moderator: Jerry Burris. Delegates and media veterans of the ’78 ConCon discuss their recollections as well as the issues which will probably be introduced in a 2010 ConCon.

  2. Primer on ConCon (see announcement this issue)

  3. Pro-Con Debate KGMB will co-sponsor with LWV Hawaii and the Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs an hour-long commercial-free debate on Tuesday, Oct. 14 evening from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Making the case for a ConCon will be Attorney General Mark Bennett and Representative Della Au Belatti. Making the case against a ConCon will be: Ann Feder Lee, PhD, and Senator Colleen Hanabusa. We plan to air tapes of the debate on ‘Olelo and if possible the other access stations. KGMB assures us that the debate can be accessed at anytime after the 14th through streaming video.

ConCon Committee Report,
Jean Aoki
Committee Chair

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