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An Evening with Bill Schneider

The State League held a successful event on Monday March 10. This was “An Evening With Bill Schneider.” Mr. Schneider is a leading U.S. political commentator. He is the Cable News Network's senior political analyst and is also a contributing editor to National Journal and The Atlantic Monthly.

He is also a long-time friend and supporter of the League, and generously gave up an evening of his vacation to talk to us here. Mr. Schneider commented on the current presidential race and helped put it in the context of other recent elections. His talk was followed by a lively question and answer session.

For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed Mr. Schneider’s talk, his most interesting comments concerning our present Democratic presidential contest were:

  1. Anyone who now says they know who the Democratic nominee will be, is mistaken; and

  2. Unless both Obama and Clinton are on the ticket, it will be extremely disrupting to the Democratic Party.

We were fortunate to have `Olelo tape the program. It has already been shown several times and we hope it will be shown on Channel 49 again before this election season ends.

`Olelo has promised us tapes so that we can send it to Neighbor Island Public Access stations in the future.

Editor’s note: Mr. Schneider and his significant other, Xandra Kayden, who is our League national liaison, came to the Big Island for lava viewing Thursday after his Honolulu talk. I warned that taking rocks from here is unwise, but Schneider found the pumice quite interesting and carried a piece to the mainland. The next day CNN headquarters in Atlanta was hit by a tornado!

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