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President's Message (Sue Irvine)
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Sunshine Week 2007: March 11-17 (Carol Bain)
League Stand on Education Bills (Mary Anne Raywid)
Candidates for 2007 State Board
At the Legislature (Jean Aoki)
LWV-Hawaii Budget 2007-2008 (Jackie Parnell)
DC Voting Rights Fact Sheet
Chapter Reports - Hawaii (Marianna Scheffer)
Chapter Reports - Honolulu (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Chapter Reports - Kauai (Carol Bain)
Hawaii Coalition against Legalized Gambling (Grace Furukawa)

President's Message


I have been acting, or actual, president of the LWVHI for the last few years. It has been a rewarding, if sometimes frustrating, experience filling that position from a neighbor island. Our State League does not have the funds to fully pay expenses for someone in this position. Indeed, we do not have the funds to reimburse our Oahu members for pricey parking if they need to spend all day at the office working on issues dear to us as an organization.  We need to address this financial shortfall.

A year ago at Council, Jackie Parnell led us in a thoughtful re-evaluation of our goals and actions. Jackie, in spite of recently losing her husband of many years, has agreed to be our new president. Thank you!

My final project as president has been to successfully apply to the LWVUS Education Fund for a grant to publicize the fact that citizens of Washington, D.C. are denied the voting rights open to citizens of our 50 states. Through this grant, we are committed to raising public awareness of this situation here in Hawaii. We plan to do this at the Kauai annual meeting and in a classroom setting, probably at Kulani Correctional Facility on the Big Island. We plan to combine our outreach on this issue with education on the fact that incarcerated convicted felons lose the right to vote here in Hawaii. Kauai hopes to incorporate into a study a new look at vote by mail, which may be one more way to enhance the number of our citizens who vote. Because so few of us have much background on Washingtonians' Voting Rights, we have incorporated into this issue of Ka Leo a fact sheet from LWVUS on the issue. (See page 6.)    

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as State president of our League.

Sue Irvine

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