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Sunshine Week 2007: March 11-17 (Carol Bain)
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Chapter Reports - Kauai (Carol Bain)
Hawaii Coalition against Legalized Gambling (Grace Furukawa)

Hawaii Coalition against Legalized Gambling

The Coalition readied ourselves for the usual gambling bills submitted in every session, largely  by Representative Joe Souki.  In addition we visited all the new  and important legislators, and as many  of  the others as we could manage, introducing them to  our organization and giving them a packet of  material.

On a new twist, we urged the passage  of one  bill (in contrast to our usual  stance, which is opposition).  This bill  clarifies the definition of gambling  to make clear that the  pull-tab sweepstakes machines in many  bars and some restaurants IS  GAMBLING.  These bills are S.B. 22 and H.B.1836. Hopefully we will pass  it.

The organization (HCALG) is looking for more Board members.  I will soon be retiring from the Board and we would like a League member to  be  on the HCALG Board, representing  our organization.  Anyone who  knows of someone interested, please let me know.

Grace Furukawa

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