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Con Con


League website:

Click on: "Take the LWV-Hawaii ConCon Survey Here," fill it out, then click on submit.

If you're interested in education, for example, and want to know what the article in the constitution provides, click on Hawaii State Constitution which takes you to the table of contents, click on Article X Education, and you're there.

If you want to reread our position paper for the 1998 Con Con question, click on "position papers" way at the top under the group picture of the board, then click on:

constitutional convention position.

Way at the top, click on "Links" and one of the links sends you to the Elections Office website with its wealth of information. As the election campaigns go into full swing, that website offers valuable information on the candidates.

There is also a link to the League website on the Elections Office website.

Armed with a list of over 30 names to call, I dialed my first number. I identified myself and referred to a letter that had been mailed to them about the purpose of my call. "That was some time ago," I was chided. I apologized for the delay, but she good-naturedly understood. Her "boss" was out of town, but had agreed to an interview and we promptly looked at possible dates and settled on a firm appointment. I sat in my chair stunned. Was it going to be this easy?

Of course not. Tuesday, two days before Thanksgiving, was not the opportune time to call. No one seemed to be answering telephones that day. After leaving several messages that I would call back the following week, I decided that I was just wasting my time for the time being.

Although we had a bit of a rocky start after the initial recruitment of committee members, your Con Con Study Committee is actively in the phase of calling the people on our interview list, scheduling meetings or phone interviews, and giving them a third option: Our expert webmaster, Steve Trussel, has placed our survey questionnaire on the League website so that anyone can fill it out right on that website and click "submit," thus sending it to our office computers. We are seeking people's views on whether we need a constitutional convention and issues that need to be addressed or not addressed.

League members encouraged to fill out questionnaire (see box)

Now we have decided to invite all League members to participate in this phase as well as in our consensus process after the committee disseminates our findings from this survey and other information gathered through other means. See the box for information on how to access our website.

We also decided that members of the public should be encouraged to fill out the questionnaire and submit their opinions. We are going to have to find a way to publicize this. We're asking our members to try the website, and then invite your friends and acquaintances to fill out the questionnaire also.

Time Line

By February, we need to go over all of the survey questionnaires and include the summary in a committee report to go out by the middle of March to all Leagues statewide, in time for the Annual Meetings of the local Leagues in April.

Then, should we opt to either support or oppose Con Con, we will need to prepare a position paper to be distributed as widely as possible. Certainly it will be posted on our website and we will need to publicize this. If we opt not to adopt a position, we will shift our focus and participate as actively as we can in arming voters with as much information as possible to help them make their decisions.

Whether we take a position or not, we are exploring the possibility of Ed Fund sponsoring a forum to bring people from the mainland and use knowledgeable people from Hawaii to talk about:

  1. the difference between statutory law and constitutional law;

  2. the status of constitutional conventions nation-wide in the last three decades or so; and

  3. ways to avoid the failures of con cons nation-wide and to maximize the potential for success.

Aside from this, even as we begin an advocacy campaign if that is our choice, Ed Fund, as a separate entity dedicated to education as opposed to advocacy, can sponsor pro/con forums close to the November election.

League certainly has a busy year ahead of us, and you're all encouraged to join us in this undertaking. Call the office if you are interested in bringing our plans to fruition. Remember, there may or may not be another constitutional convention in your lifetime.

Jean Aoki

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