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Kauai Chapter Report

Kauai League is updating its position on the Kauai General Plan. The current position reads:

"Uphold the integrity of the General Plan as a comprehensive land-use policy document whose intent should not be by-passed with the use of a special-use interest permit policy."

An ad hoc planning committee consisting of Barbara Robeson, Susan Wilson and Lisa Ellen Smith have recommended the following as a replacement:

"To advocate and promote the essential implementing vision of the plan to ensure the vision is accomplished by the County so that the integrity of the general plan is upheld and not bypassed by the approval of variances and special use permits."

The Kauai League will be holding a general meeting on Saturday, November 3, with the primary focus of collecting and archiving historic LWV Kauai data and photos. The Kauai League may also be able to present other information from studies conducted by other Leagues in the state. These include a current study on whether to have a Con Con in 2010 by the State League and the Vote by Mail study conducted a few years ago by the Hawaii County League.

Submitted to August 2007 Board meeting

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