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Hawaii Chapter Report

Our members are meeting with regularity and purpose and are pleased to present some of our recent activities:

Program Rankings

We began the fiscal year with seven programs (voter education, voter access, sunshine in government, initiative and referendum, comprehensive public campaign financing, community development plans, and anti-legalized gambling), and have realized that due to small staffing of these programs, it is important to rank them, thus allowing members to focus on the top two or three programs. The result of the rankings placed voter education first, followed by voter access, campaign financing, sunshine, initiative and referendum, community development plans, and lastly, anti-gambling. A motion to focus on the top two programs passed at our August 11, 2007, General meeting.

Initiative and Referendum - Charter Change Proposal

After ten months' work, the revision of Hawai'i County Charter Article XI, Initiative and Referendum, has been completed. On August 11th, Hawaii County LWV Board approved the draft submitted by the working committee. This draft will be sent on immediately to county officials for input. The rewrite grew out of problems encountered in 2006 with the "2% Save Our Lands" petition drive. At that time, Hawai'i County Council asked League to clarify the Charter language.

Addison Bowman, Esq. - Habeas Corpus

Habeas Corpus was the topic of Hawai'i County's League meeting on August 11th. Addison Bowman, professor emeritus from William S. Richardson School of Law (UH Manoa), spoke giving background on "The Great Writ" and detailing the history of Guantanamo Bay detentions. He focused on the Supreme Court: its initial refusal to hear the detention case, and its subsequent about-face. Professor Bowman congratulated League members on their public interest and action. He urged us to follow the upcoming Supreme Court case closely.

Island Vote Counts

Our fund raising effort at overseeing local community association and organization vote counts continues to be successful throughout the island. We have tabulated four elections this year and are drafting a contract streamlining our process, to submit to homeowners associations and organizations .

Bring-A-Friend Campaign

At our recent General meeting, we kicked off a "Bring-a-Friend" campaign encouraging members to bring a friend to each meeting in order to raise interest and involvement in our chapter. This is a low impact way to share one's interest in the League with one's friends and colleagues while at the same time sparking new membership.

High School Model United Nations Support

Helene Hale, former State Representative and Hawai'i County CEO before there were mayors, has returned home resolved to work for peace by supporting the Hawai'i Chapter of the United Nations Association (HIUNAUSA) with particular focus on reviving the high school Model United Nations (MUN) simulation. Lacking DOE support, the program's revival while important, needs support. Helene turned to her friends and fellow members at the League and found support in reorganizing a local chapter. Hawai'i County League members supported a motion to fund the effort with a $500 donation, requesting that a report be presented by one of the high school ambassadors.

Leilani Bronson-Crelly
Sue Dursin

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