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Hawaii Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

This year, like last, produced almost no action in the form of attempts to legalize gambling in Hawaii. Again, a number of bills were introduced into the Legislature, but none were heard. This year we sponsored a bill to remove phone pull tab /sweepstake machines from bars and restaurants. These machines have been defined as gambling machines and were approved by the Liquor Commission without adequate research. Our bill requesting that these machines be legally designated as gambling was introduced in both houses.

Unfortunately the bill did not pass, so we will speak to the attorney general and then introduce the bill again at the next session.

In the spring of 2006 we produced a half-hour tape on issues related to gambling which continues to be heard from time to time on the Olelo stations. A recently completed second tape focusing on gambling addiction will shortly begin to be shown on Olelo. We hope to have this one made available to neighbor islands as well.

Two new members, Grace Miller and Mimi Baker, were added to the Board. Throughout the year we struggled unsuccessfully with attempts to revise and upgrade our Web site. Happily, Mimi Baker has taken an interest in this and expects, in the next fiscal year, to have a new site up and running.

Our fund raising efforts were confined to a general appeal to individuals, Coalition members and community groups who have in the past supported us. In addition , for the second time, HCALG became part of the Food "Give Aloha" program and realized just over $2300 from donations to this island-wide effort. Our strongest support continues to come through our Coalition churches, one of which gives us our office at a minimal rent. As well, the Honolulu Police Department is generous with printing and with bringing experts from the mainland as we need them.

Long term Office Manager Marsha Joyner moved on to other interests and tasks, but her vast knowledge of the city, the legislature and the community, plus her devotion to our cause, have made a deep and lasting imprint on HCALG for which we shall always be deeply grateful.

We have much to celebrate. Our founder Dot Bobolink says that in 1992 she and her husband Bob began to be concerned with the issue of gambling in Hawaii. Although it took a while to develop an active Board and program, the fact is that for almost 15 years now, vigilance and determination have succeeded in preventing the legalization of gambling in Hawaii. The League of Women Voters-US joined this effort after a study at the request of the Hawaii League. We continue to ask League members to support the Coalition in any way they can -- financially and in the community as requested.

Judy Rantala
President HCALG and
Grace Furukawa
League Liaison

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